Elite HK Model Management
by in HongKong
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Website www.elitehkmodel.com

9 Responses to “Elite HK Model Management”

  1. Alalalan says:

    Probably anybody knows who is the manager right now in this agency? What his name?

  2. ..!.. says:

    I felt like they were lying about rates, but they had good connections for some of the shows and photos. Not really a lot for well known magazines and the living situation is pretty brutal. And I felt like they didnt have the best connection with photographers.

  3. Olga Shvets says:

    Hong Kong is a good market to do the book, but not the money.
    it’s possible to magazines, but do not earn money, and this applies to all agencies or almost all.
    Very expensive housing.
    Hence a big minus.

  4. Sarah says:

    Isn’t this the agency Miss Chinese International 2012 champion Kelly Cheung was with?

  5. HK Model says:


  6. Andy says:

    1. They have the modelling school (mostly for locals) so they would basically scam them bc most of those that visit them get the idea that they would get jobs if they take the classes and basically can’t.nn2. XXXX number of same agency in Castings. Too crowded and all from same agency. ELITEnn3. They send you wrong timing or address for castings/jobsnn4. Back then I was not getting any jobs and it was slow and they declined to Jobs I booked bc they considered they were paid too little for what I was worth??? nn5. Mother agency in Chinese Territory, so I asked to go to other cities and they would lie by saying something else— I would contact the agency in the specific city and they would say they never heard from my agency.nn6. Just general– Stay away. This is been my worst experience yet, working for them. nCAREFUL- once I was paid for Magazines and found the booklet that was in the Magazine as a Catalogue in some store. I’m not sure if it was bc Elite didn’t pay me as catalogue or the MAgazine just breached their contract between the agency.nn7. Lies Lies Lies– I complained to the Head Booker and all she said was that she’ll try to help me get that specific city—– ITS BEEN MONTHS And Still working on it :(

  7. theModelWeb says:

    we appreciate your input we make sure to collect some information on this agency … nand we will post what we found on them..nutil that please feel free to share your in depth experience with this agency or any other agency on the website..nthank you!nTMW team

  8. Andy says:

    Its all about their money… no the model’s moneynall LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES and more LIESnSTAY AWAY!!!

  9. Ola Fm Fm says:

    bad people ,horrible apartment….

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